A young man adopted a stray dog from the street, which later saved his life

Heroes are not those who wear capes, but those who will always come to the rescue. And some of them are not people at all, but our four-legged friends. It is about such a hero that we want to tell you today.Pit bull terrier named Astro lived on the street, and a year ago he found himself in a Texas shelter. A young man saw him there and took him home. The new owner did not even think that in about a year the dog would save his life.

And on April 15, the guy became ill. Only he and Astro were at home, so there was no one to help. Then the pet jumped out into the street, ran to the neighbors, brought them along and showed what happened to his owner. Neighbors immediately called an ambulance.

When emergency services arrived, Astro attempted to climb into the car to ride with his master, but was not allowed to. The dog stayed at home and waited for the rest of the family. The guy’s mom admitted that at first she didn’t want to take the dog, but now her opinion about him has changed dramatically.

The dog tried to get into the ambulance with the owner.

“Now we will never think badly of this breed,” the woman said.

The young man is still in the hospital, but his condition is stable and little by little he is recovering. And the dog has already been awarded by the Texas firefighters and the Department of Livestock.

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