A homeless cat took custody of an abandoned puppy. So together they survived in Epiphany frosts

The dog gave birth to puppies in one of the basements of a multi-storey building. There were four of them – three boys and one girl. Shortly thereafter, the mother dog was taken away for sterilization, and her three puppies, boys, were dismantled by the residents of this house. For some reason, no one was interested in what would happen to the girl.

Then a cat settled in the basement and two defenseless animals tried to survive together. Together they were warm in severe frosts. And when a kind neighbor brought treats, they shared it equally among themselves. But, every day, it became clearer that without outside help they could not survive.

Many neighbors have complained that a cat and a dog live in the basement of their house. They had no pity for the unfortunate animals. But thanks to the fact that these two creatures had each other, they were able to survive the winter.

One caring girl posted a post on social networks about this couple. People felt sorry for the animals, but no one wanted to take responsibility for them.

Fortunately, a volunteer saw this post, and she never turns her back on those who need help. The woman found out that the cat and dog live outside the city, only 30 kilometers away, and went after them.

The cat went to the volunteer without resistance. Most likely, she used to be at home and was not afraid of people. But catching the dog was much more difficult. She ran away from the volunteer when she tried to catch her, defending herself, even tried to bite.

It took the woman an hour to catch the puppy. Then she carried the animals in the car, where the puppy fell asleep sweetly.The puppy was named Varya, and the cat Leon. Thanks to proper care and attention, Varya soon turned into a friendly pet.

Living for a long time on the street, left a mark on their health. Therefore, before looking for a new family for them, they had to be treated.

Leone was sterilized and taught how to use the tray. This is a very beautiful and affectionate cat. And her green eyes are able to charm anyone.

Varya is also a sterilized dog. It is small in size, has a beautiful color, a chocolate-colored nose, a bright look and short legs.

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