Gruzchik gave his dinner to a homeless dog and that day the dog saved his life

Vitya worked as a loader in a large construction supermarket. The man approached his work responsibly and was a very kind person by nature. Near the supermarket, he fed homeless animals all the time. But Viti’s partner was his opposite in everything. He was negligent towards work, and he could not tolerate street cats and dogs.

On a normal working day there was a lot of work, it was necessary to ship a large order to a wholesale company. During work, a dirty and skinny dog ran up to the men. The animal simply observed people. Naparnik Viti, saw the dog, chased him away. He immediately ran away, frightened by the screams.

When it was time to have dinner, Dima went to the store, and Vitya stayed at his workplace and decided to eat. He got his lunch and started eating. At that moment, that homeless dog ran up to him and stared at Vitya with a hungry look. The man noticed this and gave his part of the meal. The pet ate everything with pleasure and ran away with a satisfied look.

When the working day ended, Vitya walked home. It rained during the day, and in the evening the temperature dropped sharply and all the roads were icy. The man, trying not to fall, walked with small steps, but still one leg went on the ice, and he fell, hitting his head hard. Vitya lost consciousness from the impact. All this time, a dog followed him, which he treated to his dinner. When the pet saw that the good man had fallen, he rushed to help and licked the man’s face. Seeing that the person was not moving, the dog started barking. So he was able to attract people’s attention.

Passers-by freed the ambulance. When the doctor told Vita how he found himself in the hospital, he told about the dog. The man was surprised, but realized that the animal thanked him like that.

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