For several days, the dog protected and warmed his young friend with his body on the rails.

This story is proof of boundless devotion that dogs are capable of. Everything happened in one of the villages in Ukraine.

A railroad runs near the village. Dogs lay between the rails for two days. One animal was injured and simply could not leave the railway track, and the second one stayed nearby, supporting and warming its friend.

Several people saw the animals and wanted to help them, but as soon as the people approached, the dog started growling, thinking that the strangers wanted to harm his girlfriend.

The dogs spent two days on the tracks. The dog was always close to the wounded dog, while the trains continued to run on the tracks, and the animals risked their lives many times. Fortunately, people were able to find a common language with the dog and removed him and his girlfriend from the railway track.

Soon the owners of the animals were found, they took them and began to treat them.

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