The man spent all his savings for the sake of a four-legged friend

Usually, pets are considered simple pets, human property, which has no rights. But not all people treat our smaller brothers in this way. For many, cats and dogs are real friends, someone dear and close, family members.

One man, when his dog was threatened with departure to the “other world”, spent all the money he had just to save her. He had nothing left after this act. This man was a pensioner and lived alone, he had no relatives. Only his beloved dog brightened up his existence, they lived together and were always next to each other.

During the next walk, the dog felt bad and fainted. The man immediately took him to the vet. He said that the situation was very bad: the dog had no more than six months left. It turned out that the dog had serious heart problems. It is curable, but a very difficult operation was required. This doctor did not have the necessary qualifications for this.

The man couldn’t just give up. He began to look for the right doctor around the world. Money didn’t matter to him.

The veterinarian was found only in Japan. The operation would have cost the owner of the dog more than fifty thousand dollars.

The man had such an amount, he saved this money for many years. And, since he was a pensioner, it was possible to withdraw this amount.

So the man did. He gave all his savings to make an operation for his beloved dog. The operation went well and helped the dog. The dog recovered and now continues to live next to his owner.

The man was completely penniless. But he doesn’t regret what he did. The life of his beloved dog was and remains the most important thing in the world for him. More important than any money.

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