I taught the kittens to the tray, and now they can’t go there without me

I often write about animals and their conditioned reflexes. I decided to study this topic, collected a whole collection of interesting stories and facts that show how reflexes work. A similar story happened to me.

My cat has become a mother. I immediately asked my friends if they needed kittens and quickly found five future owners for the babies.

Before giving the kids away, I decided that they needed to be accustomed to the tray. The kids are used to the tray, but they agree to go there exclusively with me.

Many of my friends were not opposed to taking the kitten, but asked that he was already accustomed to the tray, since they themselves had no time or reluctance to do this. I gave the kids the opportunity to open their eyes and get used to a little in my house, only after that I started learning.

I read the relevant literature, waited for the recommended age and started teaching. There was nothing difficult in the method I chose: as soon as the kitten woke up, it had to be taken to the tray, it was required to repeat this after eating. Very soon the kids understood what was happening.

The surprises started later. In the morning I was awakened by a loud squeak. The kittens woke up and unanimously demanded that I carry them to the tray. They probably decided that it was the person who should bring them to the toilet.

Now I am looking for a method that will help me teach kittens not only to go to the tray, but also to do it without my help.

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