“I didn’t go to my son.” A disabled dog was escorted out of a new home, because. she refused to play

It seems that something good has finally happened in the life of a small disabled dog named Tina. The head of the trapping was called by a Muscovite who wanted a miniature dog. Her choice was Tina. The woman said that the dog would have a friend, also the same small, only a dog. She also added that she has a 20-year-old son who also loves animals. The husband of the leader of the trapping gathered Tina on her way and took her to Moscow, to a new house.

The lame Tina was driving to her new owners, very joyful that she would finally be happy. From Kursk to the capital, 600 km, which is quite difficult for an animal, but Tina held on, not paying attention to fatigue and drowsiness. The curious dog looked out the window and there was a smile on its muzzle.

When they reached Tina’s new house, the dog was met not by the woman who was supposed to be the mistress, but by her son. That’s when it became known. That she “ordered” him a dog. Okay, so be it. Tina launched into a new house, said goodbye and drove back to Kursk. However, after only half an hour, the head of the organization received a message on the phone in which it was written that her son did not like Tina and the woman asked to be taken back. The following was literally written: “Yulechka, I’m sorry, but the dog didn’t go to my son at all. He doesn’t want to play with him, sleeps, and then starts whining and disturbing him.”

If I hadn’t heard this personally, I would have thought it was some kind of bad joke. In what sense did the dog not go?!? Why did we carry a disabled person for seven hours?!? Are these toys? You have seen all the photos and videos on the site. I mean, she’s sleeping and doesn’t want to play? Tina was driving in a car for seven hours, which is hard for a healthy animal, but here she is disabled, she was very tired from the road, besides, a new house, new people, and this is stress for the animal. What games??? It would be nice if her son was four years old to give out such a thing.

In general, Yulia and I were shocked yesterday by all this. The poor disabled dog was taken to another city just like that and the last hope for new loving owners was taken away. Of course, Yulia’s husband came back for Tina. And as an apology, the guy, along with the dog, gave a package of food. I wouldn’t take it. And that is like a mockery, not an apology. You need to think things through first, and then call. And if you are not sure that the child will come in, then do not call at all.

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