The dog asked all passers-by for help, but everyone passed by: a guy in an expensive coat stopped

It’s fun for a dog to live outside in the summer, at least when compared to other times of the year. In winter, it gets worse, because a lot of time has to be spent looking for shelter from rain and wind. It becomes quite difficult in winter, when real Siberian frosts begin to reign in the city.

The dog lived near the store and noticed that along with the weather, the passers-by that she sees every day also change. In summer, people smile more often and treat them to something tasty, stop to pet the dog and talk to him. In autumn, only fleeting glances are thrown at him, and when the frosts come, customers quickly run out of the store and leave without even looking at the dog. Nobody likes the cold. Everyone is in a hurry to hide from them in a warm house.

This day the dog did not ask from the very morning. He tried to find food in the trash, but the big dog chased him away. The dog ran to its place at the store, but today the buyers were in a hurry again and did not pay any attention to the sad eyes of the animal.

The dog wagged his tail, tried to look people in the eye, but nothing worked, no one stopped to treat him.

The dog was hungry and upset, he realized that she had nothing to wait at the door of the store, so she lay down under the bench, trying to hide from the light rain, which suddenly began to fall from the sky.

Soon a guy with an expensive coat and a phone pressed to his ear sat down on a bench. The dog noticed a new neighbor and decided to leave. The dog did not know what the conversation was about on the phone, but he understood that if something went wrong, the man would take out his anger on him.

The dog began to quietly climb out of its hiding place, trying not to catch the eye of the man who continued to talk. At some point, the man noticed the dog, and he saw that the expression on the man’s face was as if he was about to burst into tears.

The dog realized that he had nothing to fear from the guy, so he decided to abandon the escape plan, instead starting to fawn on the man. The guy stroked the dog, and then went to the car. The dog was sitting at the bench, not knowing what to do next.

Already at the car, the guy looked back and carefully looked at the dog, keeping his eyes on the eyes of the animal.

Not more than a minute passed, and the dog was no longer sitting on the cold asphalt, but on a soft seat in a warm car and looked around in surprise. The dog did not dare to move, afraid to spoil or stain something. The dog did not yet know that he would never be hungry again, he would not have to seek shelter from the cold and beg for attention from random passers-by, receiving cuffs and screams instead.

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