After the mistress left this world, the faithful dog did not leave the sealed apartment for a long time

Life was not very kind to the dog Umka. As a puppy, she got into a family that loved her and cared for her. Only after a few years the dog got bored with people and they kicked it out into the street. Umka took care of herself for a long time. Surviving on the streets of the city, and then came across a woman who took pity on her and took her to her. It seemed that fate smiled at Umka, but her happiness was short-lived.

The faithful dog did not leave the sealed apartment of the deceased owner

The new mistress did not take care of Umka for long, one day she died, just in front of her pet. The dog was again on the street, and her owner’s apartment was sealed. Umka returned to the closed doors of her house and did not want to leave. The dog did not let people near him and even refused to eat.

Neighbors contacted one of the shelters in Novosibirsk and asked to pick up the dog. When the volunteers approached the animal, the dog did not react in any way to the appearance of people. People managed to achieve the location of Umka only with the help of a piece of meat.

Things didn’t get any better at the Umka shelter. The dog was bored and sad. It took time for Umka to stop refusing to eat, to start responding to people and showing interest in other animals.

The story of the dog appeared on the web, so Victoria and her son found out about it. They decided to get acquainted with Umka and already on their first visit to the shelter they realized that they would take her to their home. The family already had a dog taken from a shelter, so the volunteers were glad that their ward would fall into this family.

In the new family, Umka has changed, she has become cheerful, energetic and happy. The owners love and care for her, and she responds to them with incredible devotion.

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