The boy found a barely alive puppy, from which a thoroughbred handsome man grew up, which many dream of

Max is 9 years old. He spends most of the day at school, and after school he goes out with his friends. So on this day after school, Max and friends on the way home decided to play hide and seek.

The boy decided to hide in the thick bushes, hoping that he would not be found there. In his secret place, Max heard a thin cry. There were no children nearby, so he decided that it was a kitten crying. Looking around, the boy found the source of the sound, it turned out to be a tiny puppy.

The baby’s umbilical cord did not even dry out, which means that he was born no more than a day ago. On the ground, the puppy was all alone, his mother was nowhere to be seen. The puppy squeaked less and less every minute, probably, his strength almost left him. The puppy had not yet opened its eyes and was unusually weak.

When Max called for help from friends, they did not hang out with the puppy, offering to leave him where he was and continue the game.

Max persuaded his friends to look for the puppy’s mother, but their attempts did not bring results. The boy realized that the kid alone on the street would not survive, so he carried him home.

Together with his mother, the boy went to the pet store, taking the puppy, who was put in his bosom to warm himself. Store employees told how to care for such a baby. The first days were very difficult, because the puppy had to be fed with a pipette every few hours.

A few weeks later, the puppy opened his eyes, took his first steps and even began to eat on his own.

When the baby grew up, it turned out that it was a Chihuahua puppy. The dog remained with Maxim, and his friends, who offered to leave the puppy on the street, envy a friend who has such a thoroughbred and funny pet.

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