Kittens are only a couple of days outside and do not know how to survive. Just shaking in fear

In Phoenix, two kittens were left on the street. The mother of the babies disappeared somewhere, so until the volunteers found out about the kittens, they lived on the streets on their own.
Melinda Blaine, founder of the animal rights organization, found out about the kittens and decided that she would take them off the street, treat them and raise them.

It is amazing that these crumbs lasted on the streets for so long without a mother and the help of people. The kittens were attached to each other, did not part for a minute and began to cry, as soon as they tried to separate them.

The boy was named Buddha, and the girl was named Bonsai. The babies had wounds and scratches on their paws, so Melinda gave them drugs to prevent infection.

When the kittens were fed, they fell asleep in an embrace. The kids fought for their lives for a long time, so they took the opportunity to fully relax.

During the day, Bonsai began to weigh 15 grams more. The girl’s wounds were stronger than those of her brother, but this did not prevent her from being active and energetic.

Bonsai loves to be stroked and held on the handles. A day later, the kids opened their eyes, and their tummies became round from food.

Kittens quickly learned to walk on the tray and eat food. They are obedient and affectionate, love to sing cat songs and are very receptive to the care of others.

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