Unfamiliar frozen cat knocked on the door, begging for help

It took the cat a year to recover from the incident.

Homeless animals try to avoid people, and of their own free will come to them for help only when the situation becomes truly critical.

This story happened in Canada. Winters in Quebec are very harsh, so the girl hurried to look outside when she heard someone crying and scratching at the door outside. On the other side of the door, she saw a ginger cat, which was very cold.

The girl let the animal in so that it could warm up and called her friend Maria. Maria worked at a shelter that helped homeless kittens. It was impossible to leave the cat outside in the cold, so the shelter agreed to accept the animal, although it was an adult cat. As it turned out, the decision to ask for a house with a person saved the cat’s life. The veterinarian found frostbite, fleas, traces of insect bites, ticks in the animal. In addition, the cat had dental problems and diabetes.

The cat was named Aslan. One of the volunteers decided to pick him up from the shelter. The man had a cat, Cleo, who quickly became friends with Aslan. Soon the cat began to recover, he became active and affectionate, with all his might showed the new owner how grateful he was to him.

Maria said that when Aslan was in the clinic, he put his paw through the bars of the cage every time a person passed him. Aslan loves being petted. The cat is attached not only to his master, but also to Cleo, whom he considers his adoptive mother. Both animals have long survived on the street and know how important it is to have a friend nearby.

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