The shelter dog really wanted to find an owner and held out its paw to each visitor

The people who open and help maintain animal shelters in our country are doing a very important job. But they are all very different, and in some of them the animals live in cramped conditions and do not know what kindness from a person is.

Many animals in the shelter try to be quiet and just wait for one of the visitors to pay attention to them and take them to their home. Among the wards there are volunteers who dare to take fate into their own paws and in every possible way attract the attention of people who come to the shelter.

Dog Ray turned out to be one of those who prefer to act rather than wait. The dog lived in the shelter for a year. All this time, as soon as a new visitor appeared, Ray extended his paw to him. The dog’s behavior made people stop at his cage. Ray had an owner before he was taken into the care of volunteers, but he was a bad person and allowed himself to hit the dog, and often left him hungry for many days in a row. Despite everything, the dog believed people and was drawn to them, realizing that only from them could he receive love and affection.

Ray’s trick, in the end, sealed his fate. When Jerome passed by the dog’s cage, Ray followed his own tradition. He extended his paw and gazed trustingly into his eyes. The behavior of the dog made a strong impression on the man. Jerome and Ray left the orphanage together.

According to the man, he does not understand why Ray stayed at the shelter for so long and how people were not able to see the loyalty and friendliness of the dog earlier.

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