The faithful dog sat in the snow and waited for its owners, who had long forgotten about it.

Dogs are distinguished by loyalty and devotion. These animals are not able to betray a person, so they cannot come to terms with betrayal. Dogs love their owners immensely and cannot believe that not all people are capable of such feelings.

snow and dog

Clara became a victim of betrayal. Her family didn’t just abandon her, her owners left her in the snow by the road. Clara could not believe that the owners got rid of her like a boring toy. The dog froze, but did not leave the place where it was left, believing that people would soon return.

Dog on the street

Someone noticed a dog freezing on the side of the road and contacted the shelter. As it turned out, Clara sat on the street for five days, all this time it was snowing and there were frosts, but they did not frighten the dog, because she believed that at any moment her owners could come for her.

dog sitting

Perhaps, after spending so much time on the street, Clara lost confidence in people, or perhaps she was always afraid of strangers, but as soon as someone approached her, the dog immediately ran away. It was possible to catch Clara only after she ran to the house of a local resident, who promptly warned the volunteers. For the first few minutes in the volunteer’s car, Clara was frightened, but then she calmed down and settled herself comfortably in the seat.

The dog is standing

The dog was severely malnourished, its coat infested with fleas. Severe hypothermia also made itself felt. It took a warm bath to keep the dog warm. After bathing and a hearty meal, Clara fell asleep.Dog on a leash

The previous owners made no attempt to find Clara, so she went to live in foster care.

dog and woman

After full treatment and recovery from the experience, Clara found a new family who promised that the dog would no longer know what betrayal is.

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