The dog left by the owners in the shelter was crying from melancholy and despair

Over the years of practice, I have become convinced that animals experience the same feelings and experiences as people, and sometimes their emotions are even stronger than human ones. To be convinced of this, it is enough to look into the trusting eyes of cats or dogs.

Especially a lot of emotions can be seen in the eyes of the animals that got to the shelter. Longing is visible in them, but sometimes sparks of hope that they associate with each new visitor slip through. With their eyes, they seem to ask to choose them, give them a home and care, and promise that they will fully thank the person.

But the look of visitors is often devoid of emotions, they simply slide through the cages and move on, often thinking that it is impossible to find a good animal in a shelter. Animals notice this indifference, but still continue to hope, to believe that you just need to wait and they will find a family.

Look at the photo of Blue the pit bull. The picture shows him on the second day of his stay in one of the US shelters. This dog is not just sad, he cries, real tears often come from his eyes.

Blue lived in a family where he was loved and spoiled. The owners of the dog decided to move, but they did not take the dog with them to a new place, but simply took him to a shelter.

Blue found it hard to let go of the people he loved. After a difficult parting, the dog could not understand for a long time why his family treated him so cruelly. Once in the enclosure, Blue froze in place and sat motionless for hours, staring at one point. When the numbness passed, tears rolled down from the dog’s eyes.

The staff of the shelter felt sorry for the dog, as did many of those who learned his story. There were also those who did not believe in the possibility of such strong emotions in an animal and decided that the appearance of tears was a consequence of allegri.

Maybe the tears really caused an allergy, but I, as usual, see what is not there. But I can confidently say that the dog was not just sad, the betrayal of people led him to despair.

The shelter staff take care of Blue and try their best to make him smile again.

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