Sterilized cat decided to help 3 homeless kittens and brought them to her owner

The woman lived in the village, so early awakening was habitual for her. This morning could be no different from others, but as soon as the woman opened her eyes, she saw three kittens by her bed. There were no kittens in the house, only an adult cat, which the owner had sterilized many years ago. As it turned out, it was the cat that caused the unexpected appearance of babies in the house.

Since the pet often walked and often returned at night, a special hole was made in the door for her, it was through it that she brought in the kittens that she met during the walk. The cat knew that her owner would not offend the animal, so without hesitation she brought the kids to where they would be helped.

The woman went outside, hoping to find the mother of the kittens, but she did not succeed. A domestic cat could not become a mother in any way, because she did not have milk, and the kittens needed it. The woman called the shelter, the staff quickly arrived and took the kids.

At the shelter, the veterinarian examined the kittens and found out that all three were girls. Life on the street had time to affect the health of the little ones. The condition of two babies was satisfactory, but the third was very ill.

The efforts of the veterinarians and the shelter staff brought results and all three girls soon began to recover. After recovery, the kittens were taken in by Kristin. The girl is a volunteer and often helps the shelter. Christine had to not only take care of the kittens, but also teach them to trust people. The girls had never encountered people before and were wary of them, they did not at all represent the rules of life in the house.

Kristin was helped by her cat Loki, who knew from his own experience what life on the street was like and really appreciated the fact that the mistress saved him from a homeless existence. Loki took care of all the little ones, but the weakest and sickest of them received the most attention from him.

Very soon, from frightened and weak girls turned into fluffy and playful kitties. As soon as the kittens were ready, they found new families where they live surrounded by love and care.

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