On the street, the dog was screaming from pain. Good people couldn’t just walk past him

A dog named Kraylen was seen in the Dnieper. The animal was lying on the street. The dog was sick, passers-by noticed this and, having found the number of volunteers, said that the dog needed help.

Most likely, Kraylen became a victim of an accident. Volunteers immediately took the animal to the clinic. The doctor found that the damage is much more extensive than it looks at first glance. In addition to fractures, Kraylen had a rupture of the urinary and stomach. Doctors called it a miracle that the dog survived.

There were few chances for salvation, but the veterinarians did their best and helped the dog.

The operation was long, and after its completion, Kraylen did not recover for many hours. Doctors and volunteers could only hope. Hopes and efforts were justified – the animal woke up.

The first hours after the operation, the dog was so weak that she did not have enough strength to just breathe. Kraylen was placed in a box with oxygen, fortunately, this helped her gain strength and get stronger.

Because of the operation on the stomach, the dog could not eat and did not touch food for a whole week.

Despite the hunger, she was getting better. A week later, veterinarians put Kraylen on a special diet and discharged her.

Kraylen was taken into foster care. The woman takes care of Kraylen and helps her recover, although this process is not quick.

The dog overcame the worst and saved his life thanks to the help of people and willpower.

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