Baby on the side of the road asked everyone to eat

How long could this dog live if he stayed there? A man who regularly traveled along this road saw that people brought food to the puppy. On his next trip, he also took a treat for the animal with him.When the dog had eaten, she approached the car and stood in such a way that the man simply could not move the car. The dog did not want to be left alone by the road again. When the man opened the car door, she jumped into the seat and together they drove away. So the dog got a shelter and a name – Alma.

The man was an old friend of Valentina, she decided to help him, or rather not even him, but Alma, who had suffered during her life on the street. Now the dog lives with us. She is about 8 months old, sweet and pretty, although not purebred. Alma wants to live, but there are severe frosts outside and she cannot cope on her own.

We have about 3,000 wards, but we cannot refuse those who need our help.

Alma is with us, she has already been vaccinated and has found friends among other dogs, like her, who lived on the street until recently.

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