A man jumped into the icy water to save the dog, who had almost no strength left

This winter weekend my friend and I planned to spend on the lake fishing. It was cold outside, we were sitting on the lake near the hole and waiting for a bite, when a dog ran past us across the lake. The animal ran simply on the ice, quickly moving away from the shore.

At some point, the silence of the lake was broken by a deafening crack, the dog in the blink of an eye was under the ice. The dog tried to get out onto the ice, but only got exhausted. My friend and I hurried to the animal.

My friend quickly undressed and dived into the hole, I held a stick so that he and the dog got out of the water.

We warmed and fed the injured dog, after which we loaded things into the car and left. We returned from fishing without a catch, but from that day on my friend has a faithful dog who does not have a soul in him.

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