The man decided to help an old 18-year-old cat who ended up in a shelter and took him to him

The cat named Tuxedo was 18 years old. The owner of the animal could not take care of the elderly pet, so he took him to the shelter, believing that the staff would be able to look after Tuxedo, who, due to his age, needed special care.

The shelter staff understood that it would be very difficult for an age-old cat who does not shine with health to find a new home, the announcement that Tuxedo is looking for a family was given by volunteers, not really hoping for a result. A call from Tim Adams, who wanted to take the Tuxedo, was a pleasant surprise for the shelter staff.

The man had a cat, and he was also not young. Tim decided to get a second pet so that his cat would not be so sad. He read the story of Tuxedo and decided that he would be given the chance to spend his old age in his house, and not in a shelter cage. Arriving at the shelter, Tim saw that Tux was very sad, he did not play with other animals, but sat alone, curled in a corner. It is very sad to meet old age alone and forgotten by everyone, this once again convinced Tim of the correctness of his decision.

The shelter staff instructed the man on how to take care of the elderly animal. After all, he needs proper nutrition and certain care. Tim was not afraid of difficulties, because he had a noble goal – to give Tuxedo the love and care that, with age, he began to need only more.

From the first minutes in the new house Tuxedo began to express his gratitude to Tim. The cat turned out to be affectionate, loves to sit on his hands and quietly sing his cat songs to the owner.

Tuxedo has already celebrated his 20th birthday in his new home. The owner hopes that the cat will live for many more years and is doing everything in his power to make the pet happy and satisfied with his life.

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