The little cat bravely defended the sausage from 3 dogs: how did the unequal fight end

Returning from college lectures, the girl saw a cat in front of which lay a sausage. The animal was small, and there were three large dogs nearby, who clearly intended to leave the baby hungry. The dogs barked, rushed at the cat, and she hissed and fought off their attacks, protecting her lunch. The girl was surprised by the courage of the baby and decided to help her.

Having dispersed the dogs, the girl decided not to leave the cat on the street and chose her to go home with her. In the new house, the baby was named Fifty, she turned out to be about three months old and, most likely, she lived on the street all this time.

Like many former homeless animals, Fifty fell in love with her new owners from the very first minutes. The cat is very affectionate and prefers to spend all his time in their arms. Fifty also met another cat living in the house.

The elderly animal accepted the appearance of a new pet in the house without enthusiasm, but did not particularly object. Cats cannot be called friends, but they do not create problems for each other, preferring to remain neutral. Fifity has a very fighting character, but out of respect for her family, she tries to restrain him.

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