The dog could not descend from the mountains due to heatstroke. The guy took on the shoulders of a 100-kg dog

This story was told by Lexie Daniel, who went camping with her friends that day. On the route, the group met a man with a sheepdog. The animal was dehydrated and exhausted, so it could not move independently. The hikers gave their water to the dog, but it was too little to remedy the situation.

The participants of the campaign informed the ranger Salapek that there was an emergency. The man immediately went to the indicated point of the park. The ranger knew about the cold stream nearby and decided to take the dog to it. The cold water may have lowered the dog’s body temperature and helped him recover.

The ranger had to carry the dog down the slope on his shoulders. When they were at the stream, the man began to pour water on the animal and made sure that it quenched its thirst.

Shepherd became much better and the path to the foot of the mountain, she continued no longer on the shoulders of the ranger, but next to him.

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