A woman came to the shelter for a kitten, and left with three: do not separate the brothers

These kittens were found on the street in Indiana. The family took them in, but only for a while, to help them survive the cold and feed them a little. One of the kids was very sick, but people took care of his treatment. from his temporary home, one kitten went to a new family, the other four were transferred to the care of the shelter.

Employees noted that the three white babies are very similar both in appearance and in character. The animals spent all their time together, while the fourth, with dark fur, never joined the common games and preferred to spend time alone. It was the even kitten who managed to find owners very quickly.

It turned out to be more difficult to arrange white babies. The shelter staff understood that the kids are very friendly and should not be separated. Find a person. who agreed to take all three animals was not easy, so the kittens remained in the shelter under the supervision of its employees.

Sandy came to the shelter intending to return home with two kittens. She noticed two kids who were keen on playing (the third kitten left somewhere at that moment) and decided that she would pick them up. The staff told Sandy that there are three kittens, they always do everything together. Such devotion touched the woman, she agreed to give a house to all three animals.

The efforts of the shelter workers paid off, because Snezh, Snezhny and Snezhok stayed together. All kittens from this fluffy family have found their home and a mistress who loves them.

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