Touching love and care for a cat who gave birth and kittens of a father-cat: people should learn

The owner of the cat and the cat told this story online. Unfortunately, there is no story on the page about how he got this cute couple, but there are many pictures of animals that show that they show sincere love and care for each other.

Recently, the animals became parents and their owner shared pictures of how fluffy dad was touched by the appearance of babies and how he takes care of his children and their mother.

There are dozens of comments under the pictures, in which subscribers are touched by such a manifestation of feelings and touching care of the cat. The photos did not leave anyone indifferent, making some cry and others smile from the tenderness that glide in every look and movement of the cat.

Many write that people should learn from these animals, because even for people such touching care of the father for babies is rare, for animals this is an exceptional case.

My cats treated cats much cooler, and they were completely afraid of kittens and tried to avoid them.

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