The owner burst into tears when he saw the dog who had been waiting for him for almost 10 years

Igor’s father was a military man, so his family moved very often. The boy could not make normal friends, because as soon as he got close to someone, he had to move again.

It is for this reason that when Igor asked for a dog, his parents always refused. Sooner or later, the dog would still have to be abandoned. But the boy did not understand this, so one fine day he simply brought into the house a small puppy, picked up on the street.

He named the dog Ryzhik and told his parents that he had found her at the bus stop and could not pass by. The father sighed sadly and said that he would make a booth for Ryzhik, deciding not to argue with his son.

Igor stayed next to his new pet for about six months, and then the family had to leave again. A family friend, Victor, agreed to take the dog. He was going to continue to live in this city. Igor’s family has moved far enough away not to visit old friends even from time to time.

Ten years have passed, during which Igor has never been to the city where he left his dog. He didn’t even remember about Ryzhik, there was no time: studies drew all attention to himself, taking up all his free time. But one day Victor suddenly called the guy.

– Buddy, here your dad is going to visit me. Come along with him. I want to see how you’ve grown. Yes, and at least look at Ryzhik, you haven’t seen each other for so long. He has aged a lot.

Igor suddenly felt ashamed: how could he not remember his beloved dog for so many years? It almost felt like a betrayal.

A week later, the guy with his father arrived in that city. They immediately went to Victor’s house. He waited impatiently for the guests, having prepared a lot of delicious food, the smell of which could be smelled across the street.

As soon as Igor entered the yard, he heard a loud barking. Ryzhik tried to run up to an old acquaintance, and only the chain with which he was fastened to his booth prevented him from doing this.

The guy greeted Victor and immediately went to the dog. The dog licked the outstretched hand and pressed his muzzle against it, demanding affection from his old master. Igor almost burst into tears from the surging feelings.

Victor and his father spent the whole evening together, talking about everything in the world. Igor sat with them for quite a bit, quickly returning to the booth to which Ryzhik was tied. He stayed with him until the very night, rejoicing at the meeting with an old friend. It seemed like they never parted.

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