The gorilla had no children of his own and was given a box of kittens for her birthday

Gorilla Koko lived in a zoo in California. The ward of the zoo was known to the whole world, because it was distinguished from other primates by high learning abilities. Over the years of her life at the zoo, Koko participated in numerous experiments and achieved results that are far from characteristic of all her relatives.

Koko was able to learn sign language and use it correctly. When another monkey damaged a toy that Koko loved very much, the gorilla expressed her indignation in sign language, correctly using some of the words that the scientists had taught her. The gorilla also mastered several thousand English words, not only distinguishing them, but correctly responding to each one.

Outstanding achievements did not help Coco cope with the longing that she did not have children. When she saw other monkeys with babies, she became sad and quiet. Koko had a strong maternal instinct, but she had no one to give her love and tenderness to. The zoo staff decided to rectify the situation and on the day when Koko turned 44, she was presented with a box in which several small kittens were sitting.

The gorilla took the gift the way the people expected. Coco fell in love with the kids at first sight, she took them in her arms and stroked them, tried to show them her love and give them tenderness. The tiny kittens contrasted sharply with the big hands of the gorilla, but people immediately realized that Coco would not harm the kids, and her every movement was filled with tenderness and affection.

Koko’s emotions when babies appear is another proof that monkeys are not too far behind humans in terms of their intellectual and emotional development. Both people and gorillas are equally delighted with kittens. Surprisingly, the fluffy babies were also not afraid of the big primate, but began to crawl around Coco, playing and studying her.

Zookeepers say that Koko used to love cats, often taking care of fluffies that roam the zoo.

Two years after that amazing birthday, Coco passed away. She lived a long life filled with unusual discoveries and vivid memories.

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