The dog Caesar spent the second night in the snow near a warm booth. The owner did not immediately realize that the dog had given way to a pregnant cat

When building a booth for Caesar, the owner did his best. As a material, he used high-quality boards, not forgetting to insulate it from the inside.

Andrei, that’s the name of the owner, was bursting with pride in his creation. After all, before that, being a city dweller, all he could do was nail a shelf.

Covering the bottom of the booth with hay, Andrei proudly informed Caesar that such a house could save even from the most severe frosts.

The owner’s words were not empty space. When the real winter came, the dog left the booth only in case of great need – to eat or do his dog business. The rest of the time he spent in his hiding place, showing only his nose to show that he was doing his job.

But one winter morning, when Andrei was bringing food to his four-legged friend, he saw that Caesar was sleeping in the snow next to the booth. True, when the dog smelled the owner, he jumped up briskly, showing that he served him faithfully, and did not sleep all night. Only his sleepy eyes betrayed the truth. The behavior of the dog, the man was very surprised and alarmed.

Andrei was worried that his faithful friend would not fall ill in such a cold. And he, as if nothing had happened, ate his favorite delicacy – porridge with meat scraps.

There was no sign of the end of winter. And Caesar ran around the yard all day so as not to freeze, and at night he again lay down next to the booth.

The owner anxiously watched the dog from the window, wondering what was happening to his pet.

The man decided to find out the reason for this behavior of Caesar. And the next morning, while the dog was busy eating breakfast, Andrei looked into the booth. The first thing he saw were two sparkling eyes. Looking closely, he saw a tricolor cat, which was licking two kittens and looked at him warily.

Despite the distrust of the animal, Andrei decided to move the mother and her offspring to the covered veranda. She will be more comfortable there, and Caesar will be able to return to his cozy home and no longer freeze in the cold.

This task proved to be no easy one. While the man was carrying the cat with offspring, she managed to hiss at him and claw at his jacket. But then she calmed down and continued to lick the babies. She accepted food from a man, but did not allow her to approach.

By the behavior of Caesar, it was noticeable that he was worried about his wards. Therefore, the owner allowed him to go to the veranda so that he could see that nothing threatened the cat and her kittens.

Andrey found a new family for one kitten, and left the second one with him. And mommy soon returned to her normal life, although sometimes she came to visit.

The dog took care of the new family member. The kitten often came to visit Caesar without fear, probably feeling that no one would harm him there.

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