The cat was the guide for the blind dog in the shelter, so they were both taken from the shelter

Cats and dogs don’t usually become friends. However, as with any rule, even here there are exceptions. Spike and Max not only became friends, they were closer to each other than anyone else.

Spike is a blind dog, and Max is a cat who was kind enough to be Spike’s guide and true friend. They ended up in the same shelter in Canada. The former owner mistreated them, so the animals were taken away from him.

Spike and Max were kept outside in an ordinary enclosure, which was clearly not suitable for life. Despite the roof, it was a very cold room. The animals were cold and whining. Good neighbors called a special service, wanting to help the unfortunate.

Specialists arrived at the enclosure and were horrified by what they saw. Spike and Max were very cold and sat pressed against each other. They were immediately taken to a shelter and began to look for more suitable owners. It was evident that these two animals are very close to each other. Max always stayed near Spike, helping him navigate and move around, making sure that everything was fine with the dog. It looked very touching.

It was for this reason that they were looking for the owner at once for two, deciding not to separate friends. No one could have acted so cruelly. Yes, it made the search incredibly difficult. But the shelter staff offered to pay the tax only for the dog, and get the cat for free. Such an offer should have been of interest to a potential owner. So it should have been easier for the future owner to come to terms with the fact that animals can only be picked up in pairs.

Posts about the two friends have attracted a lot of attention on social media. Many people were touched by this story, and they went to leave applications, wanting to take the animals to themselves. There were even too many applicants, a real competition was organized. The staff of the shelter chose one candidate, whom they considered the most suitable.

The woman quickly took Spike and Max to her, promising to take good care of them and love them. Now two friends will finally be able to live in a decent house, warm and cozy. Everything is as these incredible animals deserve.

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