In forty-degree frost, a street dog was allowed to warm up for the first time. How did the dog behave?

Robin, that was the name of the dog, knew only domestic life. True, as a puppy, he lived in the house for some time, but this period has long been erased from his memory.

The dog did not even know that dogs can live differently than he does. By the way, this way of life completely suited the dog. Why lie on the couch for days on end when you can chase the neighbor’s annoying cats? The owners built him a warm booth, fed him three times a day. Plus, he could run anywhere, the main thing is not to go beyond the yard. Can such a life be bad?

When winter came, Yuri’s daughter began to worry that her four-legged friend would not freeze on the street. (It was her dad who found him near the watchman’s closet at work and decided to take him home with them). But Yuri convinced his daughter that everything would be fine with her pet. After all, he has warm fur and a booth.

So he thought until it was December, and until the air temperature dropped below 20 degrees. But with the onset of Epiphany frosts, the situation changed. Yuri saw that the dog practically did not leave the booth, and if he did, it made him shudder. The man consulted with his family and decided to let Robin into the house for the night.

There was only one condition. The children had to look after their friend so that he did not do anything. After all, he was not used to such conditions.

Naturally, the children were happy and promised to look after Robin while he was in the house.

Only a domestic cat, named Vasya, accepted this idea without much enthusiasm. This winter, he did not go out anywhere, but only slept all day long on a soft and warm sofa. He clearly did not want to change anything in his life, because of the yard dog.

To the voice of the owner, the dog reacted instantly. He ran up to Yuri, wagging his tail contently. But Robin could not understand what the owner needs from him. He was dragged into the house almost by force.

It was clear from the look of the dog that he did not like the idea of ​​the owners at all. After all, he was not used to being in the house! Or maybe he was confused with Vaska?

And why were all the family members gathered around him? Children did not leave him, trying to caress him. Even the cat was right there, showing dissatisfaction with what was happening with his whole appearance.

Robin didn’t know how to behave. He was afraid that with his usual behavior he would force people to return him to the street. Therefore, he did not refuse to play with the children, making himself quiet.

The dog was placed in the hallway on the sofa. And he showed his gratitude by wagging his tail through a dream.

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