I went to the forest for a Christmas tree, returned with a cat. The man could not leave the kitten in the winter forest

This situation happened in the late nineties in a small village.

Oleg dressed very warmly, going to the forest. In December this year it was very cold, but it was necessary to go for the Christmas tree, the children dreamed of a fluffy beauty. However, she didn’t have much money.

Then it was not at all like it is now. Christmas trees were not bought in shops and special markets, it was necessary to take a sled and an ax and cut down a Christmas tree in the forest. Of course, you could get a rather big fine for this, but if you came almost at night, then there were few chances for this. Oleg tried to choose worse trees, which did not have to live very long anyway. The man did not like excessive vandalism.

On that day, Oleg, as always before the New Year, went to the forest. The way was long: no less than forty minutes on foot. By the end of the road, Oleg’s fingers and toes were practically frozen, despite all the warm clothes that he had chosen.

The man was only glad that during the felling it would definitely become warmer: physical activity, after all.

In winter, the forest is very quiet, you can only hear the crunch of snow. And if the place is as far away from the road as the edge to which Oleg was heading … And then in this silence and darkness he noticed a small black shadow that abruptly darted between the trees.

Oleg never believed in any otherworldly forces, but here even he was frightened. He was not afraid of the prospect of meeting an animal, animals usually do not attack people just like that. But what if it’s really something mystical?

The man firmly grasped the handle of the ax and walked closer to the shadow. He was met by two huge yellow eyes. A small kitten sat under a tree and trembled with cold and fear, clinging to the icy trunk.

The kid sat very quietly, as if he was afraid to somehow betray his presence to the person standing next to him. Oleg looked at him and decided that this was a fateful meeting before a bright holiday.

When the man came home, he was surrounded by children who hoped that his father had brought the long-awaited Christmas tree.

– Do you want a surprise? He smiled and unbuttoned his jacket. The kitten stuck its head out and looked around. The children screamed in delight.

Oleg set up a Christmas tree, letting the spirit of the New Year into the house, and poured milk for the cat. He ate and purred for the first time with pleasure, finally ceasing to close himself from people, and even let the children in, who were very interested in the new pet.

The wife turned out to be dissatisfied with the new member of the family: and so there is barely enough money, where is another mouth. But Oleg convinced her that the little kitten would not become a special burden for them, because he is unlikely to be able to eat a lot. How could he leave the baby in a snowy forest to perish? After all, what is this, if not the real New Year’s miracle.

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