The second night the dog spent the night in the snow near a warm booth: he gave up his place to a pregnant cat

For Caesar, the owners set up a solid warm booth in the yard. They put together a wooden house, insulated from the inside, so that even in the cold the dog would not freeze. Andrei loved his pet, therefore, making a house for him, he spared neither materials nor strength.

Andrei was proud of the results of his work, especially since he had never made anything like this before. The booth really turned out well, and the dog loved it.

With the onset of cold weather, Caesar spent almost all the time in the booth, appearing on the street only as a last resort. The fact that there was a dog in the yard could be guessed only by the tip of the nose, which sometimes showed from the warm house.

Going out into the yard and seeing that the dog was sleeping in the snow, Andrey was very surprised. Hearing the owner, Caesar jumped up on his paws and began to pretend that he had not slept at all, but went outside for a walk. But the dog looked sleepy and frozen, so he failed to deceive the owner.

“You can also catch a cold,” Andrey scolded the dog. Don’t sleep outside anymore!

From the look of Caesar it was clear that he understood the instructions of the owner, so Andrei calmed down. The next morning the dog was again lying on the snow and it was clear that he had spent the whole night outside.

Andrei did not understand what had happened, so when Caesar began to eat, he decided to look into the booth. Inside the house, he saw a cat and two tiny kittens. The cat looked at the man with disbelief, but did not try to run away or hide.

The man took the cat and babies from the booth and moved them to the veranda. The booth was warm, but for a large dog, and for small kittens it was clearly too cold there, and Caesar clearly did not benefit from sleeping on the street.

The cat did not appreciate the idea of a person. She began to hiss and scratch as soon as Andrei touched her babies. With difficulty, Andrey nevertheless transferred the animals to the mattress on the veranda, although in the process a dozen fresh scratches appeared on his hands. Once in the heat, the cat immediately began to wash the kittens. The fluffy mother accepted food and water from the man, but did not allow herself to be stroked.

Caesar watched anxiously as the owner took the cats from his booth. He ran around, looking from the owner to the cat and did not calm down until Andrei let him out onto the veranda so that the dog would be convinced that his new friends were not in danger. Seeing that the conditions for the kittens were suitable, Caesar went to his booth with a satisfied look.

When the kittens grew up, Andrey found a new home for one of them, and the second stayed with him. The freedom-loving cat could not get used to the house and as soon as the kids stopped needing it, she left. Sometimes she comes to the yard to see her baby and chat with Caesar, who helped her in difficult times.

For a kitten, Caesar became an excellent nanny. The kid loves spending time in the doghouse, apparently considering this place his home and the dog his family.

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