The cat walked 3000 kilometers – all in order to find his beloved owners

The couple and their son lived in a small town in Uzbekistan. There was also a universal favorite in the house – a cat named Karim. The family considered the possibility of moving to Russia for a long time and one day decided to implement their plan. The family chose the city of the Voronezh region to move. The road was not close, and no one was waiting for the family at the new place, so they did not dare to take Karim with them.

Husband and wife were not sure that they would be able to quickly find a job and a home, and the presence of a pet only made the task more difficult6 tenants often refuse to rent an apartment to families with animals. Karim remained in Uzbekistan in the care of family friends. Both adults and the child were very worried about parting with the pet, they were especially upset by the news that Karim lived in the new house for only a few days, and then ran away.

Many trials awaited the family in the new place, but gradually they were able to find work, housing, improve their lives and even make friends.

Eight months have passed since the move. The hostess, as usual, went to work in the market in the morning. At the mall, she saw a cat, like a twin similar to Karim. The animal also noticed the woman and immediately ran towards her. The cat was thin, wounded and dirty, he could hardly stand on his paws.

The woman took the cat home, but her family did not believe that in front of them was Karim, whom they left three thousand kilometers from their new home. Doubts were dispelled only after the cat was washed, fattened and given time to recuperate. The cat was not just the spitting image of Karim, but also behaved the same way, demonstrating to the owners the habits they had known for a long time.

For eight months on the road, the cat covered more than three thousand kilometers. Not everyone believes this story, but there are many cases where cats traveled considerable distances to find their owners. Karim’s story made it into local and federal news, even the foreign press wrote about him.

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