The cat suffered from advanced scabies, could not open his eyes and cried plaintively, and everyone was afraid to touch

Four years ago, a new cat was born at an animal shelter in Los Angeles. The animal suffered from subcutaneous scabies, it developed strongly and led to the fact that the cat could not live normally, even his eyes did not open, because they were very swollen. After a while, the founder of the Animal Welfare Foundation visited the shelter.

When a woman passed by a cage with a cat, he began to meow plaintively, attracting her attention. The appearance of the animal was so miserable that the woman took him in her arms to console him, despite the fact. That scabies can be transmitted from animal to human. The cat immediately felt trust in this person and began to cuddle up to her. The woman decided that she would do her best to help the cat.

After several calls to various funds, the woman found those who agreed to help the cat. The animal was transferred to another shelter, where he was immediately treated. After a few days, the swelling in the eyes of the cat subsided, and he was able to see the people who take care of him. The cat, who was given the name Valentino, was treated for a long time, but all efforts paid off and the cat became completely healthy. Soon a host was found for the cat, and he went to his new home.

Valentino began to live with a woman named Tanya. Interestingly, Tanya herself has always considered herself a dog lover. Everything changed when she found an elderly sick oct on the street. The woman took the animal to the clinic, the doctors said that the cat did not have long to live.

Despite the skepticism of doctors, the woman left the cat and together they lived for five years. The cat died of old age, but his loss left a void in Tanya’s heart, so she decided to take a new cat. The woman was impressed by the story of Valentino, which she learned from the network. After that, Tanya decided that she would give Valentino her home and care.

After a couple of months, the cat is fully accustomed to the new house and hostess. Tanya says that her new pet turned out to be fearless, he is not afraid of dogs, on the contrary, he is constantly trying to make friends with them. Every morning Valentino comes to Tanya at 6 am and wakes her up for hugs, after which the cat demands his breakfast.

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