Mother cat found a strange fluffy lump on the couch and decided to adopt him

Five years ago, a family from England adopted a pet little rabbit. A baby named Bubbles was taken to a shelter, where he got after his mother disappeared. The family already had a cat, who had recently become a mother. Seeing the rabbit on the couch, the cat began to look at him, and then, realizing that in front of her, albeit a stranger, but a baby, she decided to take care of him.

Taking Bubbles in her teeth, the cat carried him to the box in which her kittens were. When the cat jumped into the box, the rabbit smelled milk and immediately began to eat. The foster mother did not waste time and while the baby was eating, she washed him thoroughly. The rabbit and kittens grew up together under the care of a caring mother. The kids quickly found a common language, they spent time playing together, the rabbit took over the attempts of the kittens and was sure that he was one of them. Growing up, the kittens and the rabbit have maintained a close friendship.

This story is about how animals often do not distinguish between their own and other people’s children, trying to help everyone who needs it. Cats have a very developed maternal instinct, they cannot pass by babies who need help. Rabbits, on the contrary, can leave their children alone for a long time, and sometimes they do not return to them at all, although the babies need their care.

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