A cute puppy of a funny color was just left on the street by the children.

Passers-by suddenly found a cute puppy of unusual color under the bench: it looked like a hyena. Some people sympathized with him, others were dissatisfied with another tramp.

The dog hid under the bench and trembled with fear. He didn’t care about people’s opinions, he just tried to hide so that no one would see or touch him.

Among the passers-by, there was still someone who was not indifferent, who wanted to help the puppy: his photo was put up in a special Vkontakte group, in which posts about lost animals could be posted.

Volunteers quickly noticed this publication, not even one day passed.

A woman named Natalya came to the place where the puppy was seen: she lived not far away. With a lantern, she went around all the neighboring yards, looked under all the benches, but could not find an unusual puppy in any way.

Natalya wrote to the administrator of that group, Lyuba, that the information about the dog was no longer relevant. But she did not want to give up so easily, took her dog and also went in search, hoping that together with Natalia they would do better.

Luba’s dog, named Alice, immediately smelled the puppy and followed his trail. He was sitting under another bench. He was clearly sure that this was the safest place, and he escaped from under the former bench because someone scared him.

The puppy was even more frightened when he saw Alice, so she had to be tied away. The women pulled the poor girl out from under the bench and examined her. He looked healthy.

The resemblance to a hyena really could not be denied: the color of the coat and the shape of the ears made the baby incredibly similar to these animals.

The puppy was named Jack.

A couple of days later, some unfamiliar woman working in the area wrote to Lyuba and said that she knew this dog. Some children brought her from a family in which no one else wanted to do it. These people lived on the other side of the city. The parents demanded that the puppy be left somewhere as far away as possible, because they were tired of walking him.

Great lesson for kids! The volunteers were very saddened by this story, but they are glad that Jack was saved. They hope that a better home will be found for the puppy, where he will be truly loved.

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