Without his beloved, the dog did not want to leave the shelter

This story took place in America, with Katherine Burster and her husband. At that time they lived alone. Nine years ago, their beloved dog died, and after that they could not decide to get a new pet all these years. But fate decreed otherwise.

One day, by chance, Katherine saw an ad on Facebook from the Philadelphia Animal Control and Care Organization, which talked about a pair of pit bulls who were looking for owners.

As it became clear from the publication, the dogs were inseparable, this was especially evident from the side of the male, who did not leave his chosen one for a minute.

It was reported that if no one takes the couple, they will have to be separated, especially since several people are already claiming the boy.

The girl shared a message with her husband and for several days they discussed the pros and cons. As a result, they decided to visit the shelter to look at the inseparable couple. The couple fell in love with pit bulls at first sight.

After that short period of time they spent at the shelter, they came to the realization that they could not leave the dogs and go home. Therefore, that evening, the couple returned home with new family members.

The new owners came up with nicknames for them. From now on, their names were Gus and Nina. Pets quickly settled in, they were cheerful and active. The couple intuitively felt the gratitude of the animals for being taken away together.

Over time, Katherine realized that Gus would not want to live without his Nina, she was his support and support. If he had been taken alone, he would still have been looking for her. But Nina behaves more independently, but she would be sad without Gus.

Together they have been living for four years. Today, spouses cannot imagine their lives without their beloved pets. Katherine often posts their photos on her Instagram page. Dogs do everything only together – they run, play fooling around and sleep.

In a new family, they feel as comfortable and joyful as possible. And most importantly, they are loved. In conclusion, we want to thank the spouses for their act.

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