A wonderful cat with a kind heart who is ready to comfort and warm anyone

A black cat named Radamenes comes from Poland, lives in the city of Bydgoszcz. Radamenes has had a difficult life, but now he is fine and helps many other animals in the veterinary clinic. After people rescued this wonderful cat, he tries to be near the animals, gives them something like a massage, licks their wounds and stitches from operations.

One of the clinic’s doctors, Lutsina Kuzhel Zavalih, says that this cat came to them in the fall. The owners completely exhausted the little kitten: he was not yet two months old, and he was already very ill. Radamenes had a stomach infection, after which almost no one survives. The kitten’s fur began to crumble, the disease developed rapidly and affected the entire body.

There was very little chance that such a sick animal would survive.

The baby was isolated from the rest of the animals kept in the clinic, deciding that he should definitely be saved. Radamenes hardly slept, constantly meowing plaintively.

Doctors tried to save the cat for several months. He contributed in every possible way to his recovery, calmly treated even numerous injections and droppers.

The director of the clinic, Isabella Sholginya, says that the baby’s eyes showed how grateful he is to the people who are doing their best to save him.

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And so, when so many incredibly difficult days and nights had already passed, Radamenes finally recovered. This in itself could be a great example of human kindness and feline responsiveness.

However, that’s not all!

Obviously, Radamenes decided that the help of veterinarians should be repaid, so he began to help people with the care of other sick animals. He became, in a sense, a nurse.

New responsibilities are given to him very easily. According to Lutsina, the cat does not pay attention to what animal is in front of him. Even if it is a huge dog, Radamenes sits next to him, purrs and licks him.

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This is a story about how grateful sometimes animals are for sincere human care. A cat named Radamenes clearly shows that it does not matter who you are, it is only important to support each other. Maybe people should learn from him?

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Clinic staff joke that the cat officially got a job as a nurse.

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Radamenes has become a real talisman for doctors.

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The cat is very attentive to patients who have undergone complex operations.

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Cats are considered to be completely indifferent to others, but now this does not seem to be true.

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