Dusya the cat woke up a soundly sleeping owner during a fire, but she could not escape herself

A few days before the New Year holidays, when everyone is waiting for a miracle, a misfortune happened in Krasnoyarsk.  The elderly man was asleep and did not feel the fire or the smell of smoke.

The cat was more sensitive and woke up as soon as there was smoke around. To wake up the owner, Dusya jumped on him and started scratching. Waking up, grandfather could not understand why the cat was behaving so strangely, but when he opened his eyes, he immediately saw that the house was covered in smoke. The man understood that he needed to leave the house, only after a recent stroke he could hardly move.

After a while, the man managed to get out of the house engulfed in fire, although he could not take either Dusya or the document with him. It took the firefighters several hours to complete the job, and when grandfather was allowed to go inside, he realized that Dusya paid with her own for saving his life.

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