She was not given a chance: what happened to the cat, under the heart of which a bullet was found

The Astrakhan resident was kept company only by her cat. When the woman died, the animal turned out to be useless to anyone, distant relatives simply put the cat out on the street. The five-year-old animal barely survived without human help, but the cat was lucky, someone noticed her suffering and reported the animal to animal rights activists. During her homeless life, the cat found shelter in an abandoned garage, and ate what it was fed by caring locals. After a while, the cat began to get very sick.

When the volunteers came to pick up the animal, it turned out at first glance that the first thing to do was to take the cat to the veterinarian. The examination revealed that the disease in a cat has a very unusual nature – a bullet fired from a traumatic pistol stuck near the very heart of the animal. Apparently, in search of entertainment, someone used the cat as a human target.

The vets were pessimistic, thinking that the cat would not survive the operation. Volunteers were offered to euthanize the animal, but they decided that they would try to keep the cat alive as long as there was even the slightest chance.

Volunteers contacted their colleague from Krasnodar, the girl was able to find a clinic and doctors who agreed to help. The cat, already named Bullet, was urgently sent to Krasnodar. Another examination showed that there was no need to extract the bullet, since it was already overgrown with tissues and did not threaten the life of the animal. Also, the cat was found to have several other diseases, but they were curable, so Bullet soon went on the mend.

When the cat recovered, it turned out that she was very cheerful and sociable. A bullet near the heart does not prevent the cat from enjoying life, nor does it cause physical discomfort in the animal. Over time, Bullet was taken to the city cat cafe, where she became Masha. They began to look for new owners for the cat, but the cafe administrator liked her so much that she took Masha to herself.

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