On the same stump, the cat waited for its owners for 4 years: how did the life of a faithful cat turn out

The hero of this story is the cat Borya. According to the Amur volunteers, the cat sat on a stump near an abandoned house in the village of Poyarkovo for 4 years and waited for its owners.

Over the years, the cat has caught the eye of people more than once, but no one tried to find out what the cat was doing at the abandoned house and did not try to help him.

According to the volunteers, Boris’s owners abandoned him and left. The cat was never able to leave his home, so for 4 years he sat on a stump nearby and waited for the owners to come for him. Of course, no one thought to return for Boris, having changed their place of residence, people decided that they did not need a cat in a new house.

To survive, the cat looked for food in the garbage, but there was never enough of it. Eating leftovers led to the fact that a bone got into the cat’s tooth, which did not allow him to completely close his mouth, did not allow him to eat and drink.

When animal rights activists from the Amur found out about Bor, they came to the village and took him away. In a veterinary clinic in Blagoveshchensk, the cat had all his teeth removed, because he simply had no healthy ones left.

After the cat recovered, he was again taken to the village, where overexposure had already been found.

It took time to re-teach Boris to trust people and live in a house. Volunteers read books aloud to the cat so that he would get used to hearing people’s voices.

“I remember the first photo of Boris that was shown to us. He was alone, sitting on a stump and looking towards the dilapidated empty house. We could hardly catch him, he ran away and hid in the cellars. Then I read books to him, and he sat in the farthest corner with his back to me, showing that he did not trust me,” says the volunteer.

Boris lived for another three years, but the old diseases acquired on the street could not be overcome. The cat was not young, his body could not cope with the diseases, even despite the help of veterinarians. For several years before his death, Boris was happy. He again became an affectionate cat, began to trust people and rejoice in the care and care that surrounded him.

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