Lived soul to soul with a cat all his life, a street cat and did not leave her in terrible trouble

This sad but sweet story was shown on television in South Korea. The whole country admired the stories of ordinary street cats.

Habi and Horang, homeless cats who tried to survive on the city streets. Cats have always been together, experiencing mutual affection and helping each other. The locals saw how the cats search for food together and rest together, basking in the sun. Together, it was easier for the cats to hunt and survive the cold, they supported each other, because no one else wanted to support them.

One day, the cat Horang got hit by a car. The hind legs of the animal were badly damaged, she could barely crawl to the place where she and Habi lived. Once next to her friend, Horang lay down and could no longer get up.

Habi began to look after his girlfriend, driving away other animals from her, getting food and warming her with his body. Not all people are capable of such care for their neighbors; for cats, such devotion is completely amazing.

Habi often asked for food at the local market. The woman who worked here fed the cat not for the first time and noticed that he did not eat the treat, but took it away somewhere. Following the cat, the woman understood. that he wears the oud of his beloved, who cannot go hunting with him. The woman took several photos of the touching couple, she posted them on social networks, along with a story about cats and a request to help them.

The publication caused a flurry of responses, the cats were found out in the animal welfare service, and its specialists took care of them. Horang was examined by veterinarians and after treatment she was able to stand up on all fours again. Doctors and Khabi treated.

Social networks helped to find owners for cats, who are now happy, because after many years of caring for each other, they can enjoy the care and love of a person.

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