The owner brought a Doberman to the shelter for the construction of the house, but never came for him

The owners brought the dog for overexposure. People said that they are building a house and it is necessary that someone take care of the dog during the construction, but as soon as the construction is completed, they will immediately return for the dog and pay all the expenses for its maintenance.

We were assured that the Doberman would only stay with us for a couple of months, because the construction of the house was almost completed. We agreed to look after the dog, we also took the phone number of its owners.

Several months passed, but the owners of Deya did not come for her, no one answered our calls, and soon the number was turned off altogether, so the girl remained in overexposure. Deya was calm and kind, she obeyed and did not create problems, but this did not help her find a new home. Most believed that an adult Doberman would not be able to settle down in a new family.

Although outwardly Deia appeared to be perfectly healthy, she was prone to frequent mood swings. With this complaint, we turned to the veterinarian, but the doctor considered her healthy and let her go home, prescribing only vitamins. We did not do an ultrasound, and without this, the doctor could not say whether Deya underwent the sterilization procedure, because he did not see a scar on her body.

Six months later, the Doberman’s problems with his mood have not gone away. Just at that time, one of the volunteers, who was soon to finish her training as a veterinarian, stopped by. Having learned about Deya and her problems, the girl suggested that the dog might have oncology and advised her to check it with a doctor again. It was difficult for us to accept the fact that a seemingly healthy dog ​​can suffer from this terrible disease. As it turned out, the tumors could be felt, and a detailed analysis confirmed that they were malignant.

The treatment took almost four years, but it helped, and the dog became active and cheerful again.
Soon everything went back to normal and the dog became more and more sad and apathetic. We again need to take Deya to the doctors in a neighboring town, only now the cat has problems with the car, and it won’t survive such a long journey in the train.

For the time being, we give the dog probiotics and hormones, but these are temporary measures and for proper treatment it is imperative to take him to the clinic.

We understand that Deya is almost 15 years old, it is almost impossible to find new owners for her, but we can still give her the opportunity to live out her days without pain, surrounded by care and our love.

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