The kitten was taken to a shelter because of its appearance, but one day it brought love and wealth to a new owner

A cat was brought to one of the American animal shelters. The animal was young and healthy, but the owners decided to abandon it simply because they considered it ugly. Outwardly, the cat was somewhat different from its relatives. A genetic disease caused an incorrect bite, so the fangs of the animal were constantly in sight.

The protruding teeth made the expression of the cat’s face a little sinister, but by no means ugly. This is exactly what Kate thought, who, having come to the shelter, immediately drew attention to an unusual cat. The girl took the animal home and named Loki. The name of the cat was in honor of the hero of Scandinavian mythology, the insidious and cunning god. Because of the fangs, the expression of the cat’s face was as if he was planning some kind of dirty trick, although Loki’s character turned out to be calm and friendly.

Kate says that Loki’s appearance does not affect her attitude towards him, she simply does not notice anything frightening in him, on the contrary, she considers him unusually handsome. The girl started a page on the social network for her pet, where she regularly posts pictures of Loki.

The unusual appearance of the cat attracted thousands of subscribers, the page began to bring Kate a good income. An unusual cat, which was nicknamed a vampire on the network, was also noticed by manufacturers of pet products, and now Loki will become the main face of several advertising campaigns.

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