The dog was waiting for someone on the threshold of the station for 4 months in rain and snow, being afraid to leave for a long time

At the station, they began to notice Temu in the fall. At first, people thought that the owner simply walked away, leaving the dog to wait at the door of the station. As soon as the doors opened, the dog looked inside, as if trying to see his master there. This is how pets usually behave, which the owners left waiting on the street, running for a couple of minutes to the store or to the post office. At first, everyone thought that the owner of the topic would soon solve all his problems in the station building and pick him up, but it turned out that this time everything turned out quite differently.

Autumn came into its own, there were fewer and fewer leaves on the trees, it was getting colder outside, and Tema was still sitting at the door of the station, looking inside every time someone entered or left. He remained in the same place in any weather, did not go anywhere even after dark.

Not even the wind could drive the dog from his “post”. Nor rain. Subject mok, cold, but still remained at the door. The people around began to think that the owner of the dog entered the door of the station and left, leaving the dog, who still continues to wait for him.

Tema ate what he was treated to by caring passengers and station workers. Sometimes he got a sausage or a bun, which he was unusually pleased with. The dog spent days and nights on the cold stone steps, sometimes forgetting itself in an anxious, light sleep.

The situation worsened significantly with the onset of winter. The subject was constantly cold and very homesick without communication, but the local dogs were not happy with him, and he himself did not try to impose himself in their company. Tem was afraid of street dogs, probably, he used to live in a house and had no idea at all how life in a pack works.

When the doors to the station building opened, Tema not only looked for the owner there, but also tried to catch at least some warm air. More than anything in the world, he wanted to go through these doors, warm up and be close to the people whom the subject loved very much.

The subject often made attempts to enter the station building, but the guards always stopped them, and if the idea ended in success, the dog was very quickly put out again. Despite the severity of the guards, the dog was drawn to them more than to other people, perhaps the form of protection reminded him of a person from his past.

For four months, Theme has not changed his behavior. He is always on guard at the door of the station, looking longingly at people who are in a hurry about their business.

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