The cat was fed with expensive food, but he still ate boiled potatoes and lapped up the roast

Our acquaintances sometimes think that we do not care about the nutrition of our cat. But this is not the case, our cat eats only expensive food, and if he refuses something, we select another food for him, based on his taste preferences. But even expensive food cannot make him give up very strange eating habits.

Our cat’s favorite food is the one he managed to steal from the kitchen. If you leave a sandwich on the table, it disappears in just a few seconds. The same thing happens with fish, and even with the most ordinary boiled potatoes. The cat carries its prey to its bowl and eats it. We are already accustomed to such eating habits of the cat, but even I was able to amaze.

I started making soup. I started with frying and when it was ready, I left it in the pan, turning off the fire. I went out of the kitchen to talk on the phone, and when I returned I saw that the cat was sitting by the pan and eating fried onions and carrots.

Interestingly, the cat ate and grimaced, because the vegetables were still hot, but the cat did not stop, stubbornly following its habit. I know my cat well, but even I couldn’t help but be surprised to see how the cat eats hot vegetables with much more pleasure than he eats expensive food.

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