An elderly woman adopted a cat from a shelter: he soon thanked her “an eye for an eye”

Sometimes our meeting with animals is not accidental, fate itself sends them to us in order to change or correct something in our life. This was exactly the meeting of a woman and a cat that helped her avoid tragedy.

Eli Jeng was an elderly woman who lived with her son and his wife. The young family spent most of their time at work, and the woman remained at home alone. Eli decided she needed company and asked the kids to take her to an animal shelter to find a pet. At the shelter, she adopted an adult black and white cat named Pudding.

Eli and Pudding quickly became good friends, they spent all the time together and soon the woman forgot about her loneliness. A few days after the cat appeared in the house, he rescued his new mistress.

Eli went to the shower, but did not close the doors tightly, because Pudding tried not to stray far from his mistress, and if he noticed that the door was closed, he began to cry. Eli felt bad in her heart. The woman suffered from diabetes and sometimes the disease provoked serious attacks in her. Already in the water, the woman felt that she was losing consciousness, and the cat also noticed this. Despite the fact that these animals do not like water, Pudding jumped into the bathroom and began to push his mistress with his paws. The efforts of the cat helped the woman wake up.

As soon as Eli opened her eyes, Pudding got out of the bath and ran to her son’s room. The doors to the room were tightly closed, but the cat began to jump on them and bite, making a lot of noise. The couple had already returned home and realized that the cat was making noise for a reason, they opened the doors and followed Pudding into the bathroom. Eli was conscious, but very weak and pale.

The couple called an ambulance and a few minutes later Eli was taken to the hospital. The doctors said. That the woman got to them in time and they were able to help her. It was Pudding’s help that allowed the woman to be in the hospital on time and avoid irreparable consequences.

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