A street cold cat knocked on my door and asked for help.

It took a whole year for the cat to fully recover.

Homeless animals are often afraid of people and do not trust them, so they prefer to solve their problems on their own. Only in rare situations do such animals come to people, it happened in this story, but such a decision was the only possible one for the cat.

A resident of Canadian Quebec heard a mournful meow on the street, and then a rattle that was heard from the side of the glass doors to the street. The girl went to the door and saw a ginger cat, which was freezing on the street and out of desperation decided to ask to come into the house.

The girl opened the door in front of unfamiliar guests and immediately called her friend, who works in a shelter for kittens. Although the ginger cat was already an adult animal, the shelter agreed to take him. The inspection showed that if the cat had not asked to go to the house of a strange girl, he could freeze to death. Doctors revealed frostbite on the paws and ears, parasites and multiple bites on the body. The picture was aggravated by decaying teeth and diabetes mellitus. An animal so sick had little chance of surviving a few more cold days.

The cat was named Aslan and soon he managed to find a new family. The cat was adopted by one of the volunteers working at the shelter. At home, the cat Cleo already lived with the man, the animals quickly became good friends. Thanks to care and proper treatment, Aslan gradually began to recover and gain strength.

Shelter staff say that when Aslan was in the clinic. He poked his paws out of the cage, reminding staff to pet him when they passed by. Aslan turned out to be a sociable and friendly animal, he became very attached to Cleo and tries not to leave her even naked. Cleo herself used to live on the street, so like no one else understands what difficulties her friend went through.

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